Plywood is an engineered wood product made by joining three or more wood veneers with adhesives.  Get quality plywood from us at Keller Products, a molded plywood manufacturer. There are at least 18 kinds of plywood. However, it’s specialized furniture-grade plywood with a specific hardwood surface veneer that’s used for making furniture. You can use plain plywood to make bare furniture. A variety of treated and stained plywood is also used when making plywood furniture. People with plywood furniture often ask, “Where can I buy plywood furniture components?” Continue reading to learn more about plywood furniture and commonly asked questions.

What Is Plywood Composed Of?

Plywood is made from thin veneer sheets of wood glued together under high pressure using a resin. It creates a strong, flexible, thick flat sheet. This type of engineered wood is inexpensive and resists warping and shrinking. Plywood can be made with softwood, hardwood, and a variety of finishes. Depending on the veneer used, plywood can be as beautiful as expensive types of natural wood. Plywood can be made by adding a weather-resistant resin overlay.

What Are Plywood Furniture Components?

Plywood furniture components include wood cylinders, custom shapes, veneered and HPL cylinders, Wire Manager Cut-Outs with soft rectangular and half-moon shapes on either the top or the bottom. They include hinged access doors, matching panels that have magnetic touch latches made to specified sizes. Plywood furniture components include standard or tailored flush caps with hole patterns made to meet requested requirements. They also include cylinders that have built-in flush drawers.

What Is The Best Plywood To Make Furniture

Plywood made from hardwood is considered the best furniture-grade plywood. You can get hardwood plywood for use in cabinets made from Birch, Hickory, Maple, and Oak. Sanded plywood with a softwood outermost pine layer is used for shelving, workbenches, and work tables.  You can use exterior grade plywood for furniture in high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. You can also use boiling-water proof or BWP plywood in damp areas. For furniture to be used in boats and ships, Marine plywood is used. For furniture that occasionally comes in contact with moisture, moisture resistant or MR plywood is used. For outdoor furniture, BWP/BWR grade Marine plywood is the best choice. Contact us for more information on plywood components.


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