The sustainability of wood is unquestionable. With the world moving towards environmentally friendly preferences in almost all industries, it is no wonder why so many furniture retailers are adding more wooden products to their catalogs. Green-friendly options are influencing today’s buyers. This article will discuss how to choose a wood furniture parts manufacturer to increase sales and customer interest.

Here’s what you Should Evaluate when choosing a Custom Wood Product Supplier

Things to take into Consideration : A few fundamental factors someone looking for a new molded plywood manufacturer to work with should think about. Creating these molded plywood products is not an easy process. Any company you choose to work with should have the knowledge and equipment required to make such products. Below are even more factors to take into consideration.

Knowledge of wood : There are many types of wood. Any manufacturer you work with requires a vast knowledge of the different kinds of wood. Some woods are more challenging than others; some wood is different colors. Some wood is even easier to splinter and break, something most people don’t want. Some wood types will require completely different equipment to fabricate. This is why the necessary equipment is essential. Some companies use old, outdated technology, which simply doesn’t work with certain types of wood.

Co-Design : The smallest change in the component combination in molded plywood can change the end product dramatically. Working with a company that knows which combinations of components to use for each design choice will leave you with an advantage that other furniture sellers do not possess. It allows you to optimize your product specifications, altering your custom furniture’s designs to the exact customers’ wants and needs.

Precision & Quality Consistency : Creating custom furniture can sometimes result in inconsistencies in quality. Working with a wood furniture parts manufacturer with years of experience, like Keller Woods, eliminates many of these inconsistencies. We have the best tools and machinery, meaning our manufacturing is always precise. Custom furniture companies can only benefit from working with the most knowledgeable molded plywood furniture manufacturers. Only the best wood makers can guarantee the precision needed for the highest level of quality consistencies – wood makers like Keller Woods

Only the most Innovative Finishing : Wood can be turned from boring to pure excitement with the right finishes. However, not all wood makers have the correct tools to do this. Only a company that devote all of their resources to wood making has the technology required for this. Contact us today to ask about all of our different finishing options.

Cost-effectiveness : Certain types of wood are extremely expensive. You can offset these costs by working with a manufacturer that can offer their products competitively. The only way to provide the most competitive pricing is to stay ahead of the competition with our tools and technology.

Your Manufacturer Must have these Characteristics


As previously mentioned, we use the most innovative finishes in the industry. Only modern tools and technology can create real innovation. That’s why Keller Woods is leading the industry and one of many reasons to choose custom-made wood furniture.


Your partner must also be reliable. This means they will be able to fill bulky orders in a timely fashion. This, too, is controlled by the quality of machinery a company possesses. The best way to find out if your potential partner will be reliable is merely by learning about their reputation.


A manufacturer that is involved in several different materials is unfocused. Keller Woods works with only wood. Focusing on a single type of product allows us to learn more and more about that product. You won’t be able to buy anything from us but wood products; however, they are the industry’s highest quality products.

Contact Keller Woods Today

Finding a manufacturer with all of these qualities can be challenging. Luckily, you’ve already found Keller Woods that provide custom millwork for homeowners and businesses. Contact us today with any questions you might have, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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